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Valentine's day special bundle

€99,00 EUR

Show your Love for Freestyle and take advantage of this amazing Evolve Shoe & Ball Special. With the SWRL Match Ball Pro, along with the lightest Freestyle shoe on the market, you can fly away into your next combo with this great deal. For a limited time only. 

Evolve Match Ball Pro
The ultimate freestyle ball. This official match ball type is approved by the WFFA. With thermofusion technology, durodense double layers, thread wound bladder, rubberizes grip shield for extra control, zero water uptake, and seamless technology, the ball is completley shpherical holding its shape and weighing 450 grams.

Evolve Pure FS Shoe
Evolve to the next level with this durable freestyle lifestyle shoe. The lightest freestyle shoe on the market. Breathable mesh upper, reinforced toe for true touch, non slip EVA/Rubber hybrid sole, ventilated orthopedic sole for extra support and comfort. Perfect for freestyle football, street soccer or casual wear.